Fight 4 Life CPR

If your job and life put you around people, you CAN BENEFIT from learning CPR! It never hurts to be safe! You never know when these precious skills may come in handy. Whether it is your child who chokes during lunch, or the person in front of you at the grocery store checkout who falls to the floor, you need to know how to help!
The Answer is WHY NOT?

Anyone can learn CPR and First Aid!

You might think that only doctors, nurses, or someone who works in the hospital are the only people who need to know CPR. However, there are many other people who need to have the knowledge to perform CPR:

- Childcare workers
- Teachers
- Parents
- Law Enforcement Officers
- Babysitters
- and many more!

Life is precious, and the minutes waiting for help via 911 to arrive are crucial to the victim's survival. The knowledge of CPR can greatly diminish the amount of brain damage a person can sustain.

The one question you have to ask yourself...are YOU prepared to save a life? If not, please call us as we are more than willing to train you in the skills you need to be proficient at CPR!

Why You?
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